GMP Education Center
Innovative Violin Program for Beginners
Discover your hidden talent!
Why you should learn to play the violin with us?
1. We will teach you how to play the violin beautifully.
2. Violin is a wonderful tool for self-expression.
3. Good for mental and physical health.
4. Best for developing a multitasking brain function.

1. Unleash your creativity.
2. Improve your memory & focus.
3. Develop creative thinking & problem solving skills.
4. Learn how to combine various forms of math, art, and science through violin playing.
5. Build a strong portfolio for college applications.
6. Be at the top (school orchestra, auditions, competitions, etc.).

Online via Zoom
TED-Ed: Learn how playing an instrument benefits your brain.
Who can apply?
Any beginners who have never played the violin before or have some experience. This program is designed for any age including children as well as adults.
How to apply?
1. Fill our the online application form
2. Pay $15 registration fee (once)
Program structure
The Basics (violin + music theory)
Learn basic choreography of hands, fingers, and body position (violin is not required);
basic music grammar & structure of the violin

Holding the bow
Easy bow-hold set up exercises using pen or pencil

Holding the violin
with or without the shoulder rest

Basic functions of the left hand and fingers
Learn how to correctly place the fingers on the fingerboard

Building intervals between tones
Discover how mathematics, geometry and chess principles will help you to play correctly in tune like a pro

Beautiful vs ugly/scratchy sounds
Basic science of tone production. What makes the sound beautiful, and what makes the sound ugly/scratchy

My first song
Put to practice all the preceding skills to play your first piece
About the program
The key to success lies in the knowledge of essential elements in violin playing. Learning the violin is a very complex endeavor, many give up without even starting. However, after many years of research, experiments, and successful results we are happy to offer you a step-by-step program that will help you learn to play the violin regardless of whether you think you have a talent or not. We believe each person is talented, and it is our mission to unveil the talent and help it flourish. Join our program to discover what you are capable of achieving.

Our mission is to make the high quality violin and music program accessible to anyone regardless of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and location. The goal of the program is to educate and offer opportunities through the GMP International Network.
Schedule & Learning Format
WHEN: Every Saturday at 7pm EST
WHERE: Online via Zoom Video Platform
Zoom link will be provided upon receiving the application
Registration Fee $15 (once)
The Innovative Violin Program for Beginners

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Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to create best programs and to make our students happy
Dr. Vladimir Dyo
Founder & Artistic Director
Dr. Yevgeniy Dyo
Artistic Director of GMP Violin Ensemble
Dr. Eun-Mi Lee
Violin Faculty
Dr. Azer Damirov
Violin Faculty
Eunice China
Violin Faculty
Dr. Savely Shalman
Legendary Russian Violin Pedagogue. Honorary GMP Professor of Violin.
Program Advisor.