10/25 "Kazakhs vs Aliens"
Online Screening
5 pm - 5 am

10/26 "The Bodyguard"
Main Building
Room MC C2 - 370
(MC - Main Complex)
October, 26 | Thursday
4 PM
"Meet & greet with film stars"
VIP admission($50)

5 PM
General Admission $20

1818 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20433
CONTACT: Coordinator@kazakhstan-association.org
Meet the Team
On October 26, at the World Bank Headquarters, as part of the C.A.F.F. film festival, the best TigerFilms films – "Bodyguard" and "Kazakhs against Aliens" will be screened. The films will be presented at the event by a delegation from Kazakhstan, which include popular Kazakh actors.

The film "Bodyguard" will be presented by the leading actors - popular actor, musician and TV presenter Tauyekel Musilim("Brother or Marriage" (2017); "Reluctant Dad" (2020); "Masha and Dudarai" (2021) etc.), as well as actor and stuntman Olzhas Alzhanov ("My big Kazakh family: Operation Bazhuhi (2022) ", «Agashki on call 2: The beginning (2022)», «My big Kazakh family (2021)», Toy at any cost (2018), etc. ) directed by Alyona Almaz.
The film "Kazakhs against Aliens" will be presented at the festival by one of the main actors, popular actor and TV presenter Baurzhan Satov. Let us add that the film was awarded two honorary prizes at international film festivals, receiving the Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize.
Also included in the Kazakh delegation are:

  1. Rustem Almagambetov, an athlete who is part of the Kazakhstan Olympic running team, and is actively pursuing a career in film, appearing in 'My Big Kazakh Family' (2022), 'My Genie' (2023), 'In Love Without Memory' (2023), and 'Baidyn Kyzyn Alamyn' (2023).
  2. Actor and athlete Erik Khamidullaev, known for his roles in 'Nanny. Business in Kyzdar' (TV series, 2022), 'Steppe Hawks' (2019), 'Swallow's Nest' (TV series, 2018-2019), 'My Brother' (2018).
  3. First-time actor and singer Aibek Serikkhanov, who appeared in 'Bekzat' (TV series, 2019)

The delegation from Kazakhstan at the festival is led by Yerlan Bukharbaev, the general producer of Tiger Films, who also represents Kinopark & Kinoplexx Theatres, the largest Kazakh company in Central Asia.

  • Yerlan Bukharbayev
    General Producer
"We expect that at our festival of Kazakhstani cinema, which today, by the way, is experiencing a clear rise, there will be guests, among whom it will be especially joyful to see our compatriots and representatives of other countries. By timing the screening of films to coincide with the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we would like to once again immerse our compatriots in the atmosphere of their native country. Separately, I would like to note that the importance of such an event as the screening of Kazakhstani cinema at the CentralAsianFilmFest C.A.F.F. is difficult to overestimate - we expect from today's event a lot of business communications and partnership agreements that will be useful for the entire industry. During the festival, promising collaborations with leading American companies in the film industry NewYorkFilmAcademy, HBO, Netflix, as well as meetings with influential figures in modern US politics will be discussed. In addition, my colleagues and I are very pleased to once again present the country brand of Kazakhstan outside its borders, wanting to improve and strengthen it." - says Yerlan Bukharbaev, general producer of Tiger Films.

According to the producer, the screening of favorite films not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad will take place as part of the celebration of the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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