Producers Team
Global Music Partnership LLC
Alfa Consulting Group
  • Dr. Vladimir Dyo
    Global Music Partnership
    Co-founder & Artistic Director
    Dr. Vladimir Dyo serves as the artistic director and general producer of Global Music Partnership, is a voting member of the Recording Academy GRAMMYs, a professor at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at Catholic University in Washington DC, and performs as a violinist soloist with leading ensembles and artists worldwide.
  • Dr. Rustem Orazaly
    Global Music Partnership
    Co-founder & Business Director
    Dr. Rustem Orazaly is the business director and general producer of Global Music Partnership and an immigration specialist, working in partnership with leading corporate and immigration attorneys in the United States.
  • Aiya Tulemaganbetova
    Ms. Tulemaganbetova is the President of Alfa Consulting Group Inc. She is a business, executive management, and marketing expert with over 20-years of experience in a variety of industries through which she has built a strong high-profile network in the USA, Europe and Central Asia.
C 2017 года, Global Music Partnership LLC успешно организовывает международные проекты в области искусства, образования, звукозаписи и кино по всему миру. Компания сотрудничает с ведущими специалистами из таких компаний и организаций как Carnegie Hall, Recording Academy GRAMMY, Broadway, Blue Griffin Record Label, United Nations, World Bank, Nylon Film, Tiger Films, Kinopark, New York Film Academy, Juilliard School, John Hopkins University, Kazakh National University of Arts, Yaejin Management, Klassik Konstanz Foundation, US-China Cultural Foundation, Kazakhstan Cultural-Business Association of North America и другими.

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