Global Music Partnership
GMP Violin Ensemble
Artistic Director Dr. Yevgeniy Dyo

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GMP Violin Ensemble For YOU
Are you frustrated of practicing violin on your own or learning tedious repertoire?

Join GMP Violin Ensemble and get together with like-minded music lovers. It is a program to help you overcome struggles and become more confident in your playing. You'll have the opportunity to play with others, learn from each other, go on fun trips together, and most important, enjoy playing beautiful music!

The repertoire of the violin ensemble is designed to unite students of diverse backgrounds and ages at an elite level.
How We Work
For rehearsals and performances, we gather on a regular basis. The artistic director determines the site, scheduling, and performance initiatives. The level of each performer will be assessed, and the violin parts of the selected repertoire will be assigned (or re-arranged) according on the student's ability level. We will guide you through the learning process and help you attain all the necessary skills for a high level of performance.
The violin ensemble repertoire is one-of-a-kind, fun, accessible, and beautiful; it is not typically performed in traditional ensembles or orchestras.
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