Learn to play the violin beautifully with no stress
Innovative and simplified step-by-step violin learning program
Learn to play the violin beautifully with no stress
Innovative and simplified step-by-step violin learning program
About our program
Our innovative step-by-step violin learning program is designed to make you understand and learn remotely to play the violin beautifully with no stress. We have simplified professional level instructions (without compromising its quality) to make your learning process accessible, efficient, and meaningful.

Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professionally oriented, you will discover the secrets leading to mastery.
Who is this program for?
Anyone, irrespective of age or level, who would love to learn the art of violin (or viola) playing.
Choose your segment
In this program we will equip you with all the essential skills to begin a healthy and meaningful violin journey.
1. You will learn how to hold the violin and bow correctly based on your body structure and physics.
2. You will learn how to control and implement all the basic movements of the right and left hands.
3. You will learn the conceptual relationship between the mind and body.
4. You will learn the secret principles of precise intonation and beautiful tone production.
5. You will learn multitasking (controlling various detailed tasks simultaneously).
6. You will learn basic music theory.
Other segments are coming soon
What you need to start
Stable Internet connection
You can join our program using any device: smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.
Zoom account
Set up free Zoom account. We will provide the link to join the program.
Violin outfit
Violin, violin bow, rosin, shoulder rest (optional).
Pano tuner app
Download the free tuning iOS or Android app
Seesaw app
Download the free Seesaw iOS or Android app for video recording (homework) submissions. We will help you to connect your account to the program.
Additional items
Notebook, pencil, manuscript music notation book.
Choose your subscription
Choose a subscription plan
Level 2
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Level 1
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Level 2
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Begin your journey and unlock your potential
Begin your journey and unlock your potential
First name
Last name
Date of birth
Please briefly describe your skill level and experience
Basic music grammar assessment
Check what you are NOT familiar with
Please describe about your aspirations and goals learning to play the violin
Comments (optional)
Do you have the violin?
I agree to participate in this program and I understand that I can withdraw or upgrade to other levels at any time with prior written notice.
I understand and agree that each Zoom session will be recorded for program evaluation, program development and other program related purposes. Video recordings along with submitted audio/video recordings and images may be used as illustrations and examples.
Master mentors
Our instructors are supervised by world-class mentors to ensure effective learning.
Dr. Vladimir Dyo (founder)
Master mentor (all levels)
Dr. Yevgeniy Dyo (co-founder)
Master mentor (all levels)
We'll be glad to get your feedback and answer any questions
Email: info@globalmusicp.com