Global Music Partnership is a platform for creative collaboration between performing artists, composers, educators, organizations and creative individuals across the globe.
  • World's finest performing artists, educators and organizations
  • Distinguished artists, composers and young artists recording projects.
  • Global Music Partnership President's Volunteer Service Award Program
    Make a difference in your community through music
  • Showcase your talent and explore the world
  • Join professional and aspiring musicians and music lovers from around the world
  • Learn from the world's finest musicians virtually or in person from anywhere in the world
  • International Projects
  • GMP Young Artists
  • Arts and Artists. Selected artworks available for exhibitions and purchase (Coming soon)
  • Find your dream instrument and reliable services from around the world
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Meet our team
  • Dr. Vladimir Dyo/USA
    GMP Artistic Director
  • Dr. Rustem Orazaly/USA
    GMP Busness Director
  • Dr. Tigran Shiganyan/Midwest USA & Uzbekistan
    GMP/Midwest USA & Uzbekistan Executive Director
  • Eldar Saparayev/Switzerland & Germany
    GMP/ Switzerland & Germany Executive Director
  • Dr. Valentyn Smolianinov/China & Ukraine
    GMP/China & Ukraine
    Executive Director
  • Eun-Jin Lee/South Korea
    Executive Director
  • Gabor Szabo/Spain & Hungary
    GMP/Spain & Hungary Executive Director
  • Raissa Mussakhajayeva/Kazakhstan
    GMP/Kazakhstan & UAE
    Executive Director
  • Azer Damirov/USA-Azerbaijan
    GMP/Azerbaijan & Turkey
    Executive Director
  • Maia Shioshvili/USA-Georgia
    Executive Director
  • Kendall Koffey/USA
    U.S. Attorney
  • Charles Raether/USA🇺🇸
    Legal & Business Advisor
  • Irina Batrakova/USA🇺🇸
    Legal & Business Advisor